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David Clark Allen photograph | founder of flamenco rock band Carmen





DAVID'Papa T'Allen




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Bowie's Midnight Special

Hola and welcome, from another traveller on this strange and interesting journey.


As a Mexican/Welsh American - born at a time when that wasn't even vaguely a cool thing to be - I grew up in southern California keeping my latin heritage a secret.


On my father's side, grandparents taught me literature - from Shakespeare to the Illiad and the Odyssey. On my mother's side, relatives seemed either to be drinking heavily, making magical potions and spells for sale . . . or just getting out of prison. The effort to balance and combine these two different cultures has played an important part in my life.



Music has always been my language and compañiero. I started lessons at two and joined my parents' nightclub act by the time I was four.


Music is my passion. It defines where I've been and where I'm going.


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