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There are times in everyone's life when the way forward can seem unclear and doing the same thing in the same way, no longer works. Making good decisions during times of change/crisis can be difficult if you're also feeling angry, depressed, worried, frightened. So how do you find a way through?


In my experience, we all have the keys to solve our own problems. We are all capable of creating our own fulfilling 'present'.


Having stated that belief,  a trained therapist/listener with a compassionate ear can offer powerful and healing aid during tiimes of personal crisis. Sharing a problem helps put it into a more realistic perspective and feedback can give clarity, helping you find your own answers.


In particular, I specialize in 3rd Age Therapy.  When you've had the career, raised the kids and find yourself at a point where you don't know what's next or even exactly who you are . . . get in touch!


I am qualified in humanistic Gestalt therapy, NLP, hypnosis and have a PGSc diploma in cognitive-behavioural/psycho-sexual therapy. I have practiced at The Whittington Hospital in London, and also work privately.


Please feel free to call or email me for an appointment.








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