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Self Awareness

Self-awareness can be lifelong journey - there are so many levels. IMO, the big questions remain unanswered, ie: where do we come from, who are we, is there meaning to our existence beyond reproduction and where do we go (if anywhere) after leaving our physical selves - which makes understanding our true motives and how they impact us and others a difficult, if not relatively impossible, goal to achieve. Besides meandering down philosophic paths, I've also been working on a PHD proposal and so my communications are definitely more academic in tone than usual. Enough!!! Is anyone reading this finding creativity elusive. The first part of this year was fertile but I'm struggling to finish what I began. For me, lyrics and words are always the sticking point. What the hell do I want to say? Not sure at the moment. Writing about ageing and death seems a bit drear but those are subjects I've found myself turning to recently. Although my physical self remains strong, my outlook appears to have become 'pandemicized' during 2020. Now that's an opinion informed either by self-awareness or . . . my general tendency towards negativity. Take care all and please enjoy a new track from one of my favourite artists - JVMIE!!! D


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